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4.5 ( 3935 ratings )
Sundhed & Fitness Underholdning
Forfatter: Lous Co., Ltd.

(Remind : This app is intended for entertainment purposes only and does not provide true palm reading fuctionaliry. )


This App is a health palmprint knowledge game.
Palmprint can tell a persons character, career ,health and love affairs.

Louzhongliang’s Palmprint-App converts palmprints into pictures which make it easy to understand the palmprint secrets.

Liang’s Health:
Understand the palmprint secrets and then learn about your health condition from your palmprint as well as how to maintain your health easily.

Liang’s Love Match Game:
Find out how well you and someone else match based on
Liangs Palmprint-Matching-Index.
Just one palmprint photo each of the two people involved is required and then both corresponding palmprints stored in the App are selected, either by the App or by yourself.

Liang’s Film:
Let Dr. Louzhongliang explain the relation between health and the palmprint by telling stories.